The patents say that they are reproductions, are they originals or reproductions?

Back in the 1800's and early 1900's, inventors would submit a detailed drawing of the invention and/or improvements to the patent and trademark office. (in this case, the British patent office) Once received and if approved, the Patent office would then send a letter of confirmation to the inventor and begin to take that drawing and etch it into stone in order to create and print this linen-backed lithograph. These documents in question, are the original hard copies that were created by the patent office's artists, and act as patent examiner reference material. With that being said, these are 100% original and are only reproductions of the submitted hand drawn patent specifications.

How do I handle and care for the patents once I receive them?

Many of our patents are over 100 years old and as such makes them delicate and vulnerable to damage; therefore we recommend  to store these patents in a UV protected frame and store them away from moisture in a climate controlled room. With that being said, most of our patents are linen-backed and this process allows for them to be slightly more durable than plain paper.


Are they expired?

Yes, typically patents last twenty years after they have been filed.

Do I have the rights to this patent?

Unfortunately, because these patents have expired, you will own only the document and not the patent rights.

Can I reproduce and make copies?

No, Maymont Group retains the digital rights but you would own the hard copy.

What are the dimensions of these patents?

Since these patents are original historical documents being sourced from different books, their sizing is varied. If you would like dimensions of a specific patent, please contact us directly.

Do you offer framing?

We can offer framing on a limited basis. We offer a very limited selection of framing that usually includes a very few options of design or color; therefore, we recommend that you seek custom framing somewhere else where there is a larger selection to match your individual taste. However, if you would like your patent framed, please contact us directly, and we would be happy to help and try to accommodate you.

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