Are the patents original or reproduction prints?

Our patents are the originals and are the only ones in existence. Our patents are the original Industrial Era drawings made by the Patent Office’s artists from the designs submitted by inventors.


How should I handle and care for the patents once I receive them?

Due to many of our patents being over 100 years old, they are delicate and vulnerable to damage. Therefore, it is recommended to store your patent in a UV protected frame, free from moisture in a climate-controlled room. Many of our patents are linen-backed and this process allows for them to be slightly more durable than plain paper.


Have the patents expired?

Yes. The patents are from the Industrial Era which typically expire twenty years after they have been filed.


Would I have the rights to the patent?

No. Due to the patents being expired, you would only own the physical document.


May I reproduce and make copies of the patents?

No. Maymont Group owns the digital rights of all patents featured and sold. 


What are the dimensions of the patents?

Due to the patents being original historical documents, the sizing varies from patent to patent. Should you require the dimensions of a specific patent, please feel free to contact us. 


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: